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We met on August 8, 2017


God led Cam to venture out to La la land to pursue a career in film. It didn’t matter to him if he was the only one of his friends and family to go out there, he knew he had a calling. What he didn’t know is that God planed a very similar path for lil southern girl Annie. She also happened to end up on a solo journey across country to discover why God was leading her there to pursue a film career as well. How they both ended up in LA was not the way they thought they would but they were determined to keep on the path God was leading them. Cam and Annie ended up moving into the same housing community just one week apart from each other. One peaceful morning, not long after they have moved there, God perfectly sets them up to meet each other in the most clever way...


Annie was asked if she wanted to volunteer to be a stand-in on set. She accepted the invitation and then went to the house next door to meet the other volunteer, Cam. Annie and Cam were the only two stand-ins that day and were very excited to get to be on set so early on since moving to LA. They were asked to sit in the back seat of the car together while the videographer checked what it would look like on camera. While in the car, Cam kindly starts asking Annie questions to get to know her. Annie being new to the community, she was a little shy and slow to open up to making her first friend.


Cam was patient, curious and kind. Conversations started flowing and to them it was like no one else was there. Annie was very comfortable with Cam. She turned towards him and couldn’t stop talking. They talked and talked all night long. Later cam invited Annie to church and Cam ended up taking Annie to church every week in his little red car. The time they spent with God together grew. They always had something to share and it was like nothing ever changed between them. They shared in spontaneous adventures around LA  together, they supported each other in their careers and a strong friendship grew more between them. Soon they were each others dates to red carpet events and from there our story plays out like a rom-com movie. 


God is who we all can thank for bringing the two together and for bringing them to start a new life. They get to share in one path, in new stories and a new journey as God binds them as one. 


Oct. 10 2017



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